Dummy Essentials

SLEEK!  I really like this design, it has clean lines and is so easy to read.  Lots of Great info for you computer....Check it out!
-Website submitted by Sandra


  1. Thankyou so much, Kristin :) This is such a pleasant surprise. We are honored to be listed here in Designs So Pretty [and a special thanks to Sandra too, for submitting our website] This is the first recognition to be earned by Dummy Essentials and it would always hold a very special place in our heart :)
    -Ankit and Pooja
    [Dummy Essentials]

  2. i've been to this blog n must say, these guys have done a pretty good job. d one n only techie blog which is designed so well. anything techie puts me off, lol; but this one didnt!

  3. well, this one's a good choice! a computer website/blog designed so well, is something you hardly come across. love the matter that they put up too.

  4. I loved it too!!! very pretty! and great stuff on computers, loved going through their site and yours too. you have a great collection here.