La Petite Peony

 Oh My Goodness!  My eyes have gone to Design-Heaven!  I love the scallops, colors, circles, lines, etc.  I can't say enough about this lovely place.....I want to jump into my 'Puter and live in this blog!


  1. Oh my gosh it is so pretty! Too sad that it's private...I wanted to "live" in there, too, if only for a moment.

  2. Awww ladies! Please stop on by! I've opened my blog back up. It's lacking a bit of content right now - new year, new schtuff to fill it with! You're more than welcome to come 'live' with me in my little blog world :)

    Take care,

  3. Oh wow! Thanks for featuring this blog on your site. I was lucky enough to work with the wonderful Kimberly on this blog and we are in the process of creating her a new one!