Belle Papier

You have to see this site!  It's so cute!  I love it so much...I want to live in this place!  Now, GO...enjoy the eye candy over there.  After you do, come back here to tell me how much you love, love, love this site!


  1. Very cute site! I also love your blog design!

  2. Wow..I just found your blog and wanted to say thanks for showing off all of these fabulous blogs! I just love discovering new ones!

  3. I am a subscriber to your blog through my feed reader and was surfing the other day. I was shocked and amazed when I saw that you posted one of MY designs! I just LOVE the designs you showcase and I am SO PROUD to be part of your list!!! THANK YOU!!!! I’d love to take a blinkie, may I? And your blog design is absolutely gorgeous!!