Featured Designer : Graphically Designing

I'm very excited about today!! It's the first, Designer Day Friday, here on DSP.  Each Friday, I'll do a spot light on a designer....it could be a web designer, blog designer, print designer, etc.


Darcy, is the 'Fantabulous' designer behind Graphically Designing.  Her work can be seen all around the web in all it's beauty.  Some of my favorites are (click images to see in real life):

There are so many more I could share...her talent is Amazing!!

Way back in 2008, I was the lucky owner of a blog design from Graphically Designing.  I loved it!  She took the info I gave her and used it well.  Since then, I've learned a ton from her and have enjoyed being friends.  You can find Darcy over at Life With My 3 Boybarians, chatting about life, photography, books and espresso.

Thanks for being a part of Designer Day Friday....I'll see ya next week!


  1. Wow -- talk about talent! Designers like her are such an inspiration!