Featured Designers: Maiedae

Maiedae Home

Meet Savannah and Jenny, the designer/photographers behind this lovely site! You can read about them here. They seem so fun. I want to be them. I'd settle for just meeting up with them. I love the title logo, simple and beautiful. I've looked over their stuff and it's just wonderful. Love their style and grace.
Maiedae Design

This is the Graphic Design page and oh my, they have made some really pretty designs. 
Maiedae Photography

This is the Photography page and it's just as gorgeous as the designs. Geez, the talent is amazing.If you're in the market for a new design or some pretty pictures you'll want to check this business out. They pricing is sooo reasonable and totally worth the money, in my opinion.Have a designer you love and want them featured? Email me: me {at} kristinmaynes {dot} com

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