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This is a Super Fun design!! I love the bright colors and all the white. Aren't those flowers AMAZING!! LOVE the straw and tiny heart too! Check this site!

Color Palette:

Stockroom Vintage

Simple and Classic! I love minimal designs! The products speak for the company...yay! for Stockroom Vintage.

Color Palette:

Dear Miss Modern

Dear Miss Modern
This is one of my most favorite websites. It's simple with fav! The products and announcements do all the talking. Take away the pictures and you have a very basic layout and design. I love it!

Color Palette:

Designer: Dear Miss Modern

Heidi Swapp

Heidi Swapp
 Very creative design! You know, scrap-booking can get very cluttered and look unorganized but this site keeps it all in it's place.  Great colors!

Color Palette:

Designer: Unknown

Creative Party Place - Updated

Creative Party Place
 This is an updated shot of Creative Party Place, you can find the old one here. I love this design, it says, PARTY!! I'm all about having a party no ANY reason.  I want to jump in this design and play. So colorful and cheery.


Designed by:  Restored316   

Meri Meri

Meri Meri
So fun and whimsical! Reminds me of a fair or circus, kinda. The logo is so sweet and fun!

Color Palette!

Leah Duncan

Leah Duncan
Ok, I LOVE the logo/handwritten name. Love. This is so simple and friendly, it makes me want to hug Lean Duncan. Love the little details at the bottom and top. Love.

This has two palettes also, one without the image and one with the image:

Color Palette 1:

Color Palette 2:

Images can make the website or blog pop or not. The design of the blog is visually important but images are equally important. imo

One Sydney Road

One Sydney Road
This website is simple, with only three colors in the palette:

The images make up the rest of the color palette. Cool right! That goes to show that  images in your design can make up for a lot of the overall appearance. Here's the palette with the images:

I love this simplistic design, it makes it easy to use any colors you want.

Party Box Design

Party Box Design Website
I featured this site in 2009 and I loved it then and I love it now too. Such a fun site!

Party Box Design Blog
I love the background stripes, it's the blue color I love again.

Here's the color palette:

Wit & Whistle

Wit & Whistle
Love this! I know, I know....I love them all.

Wit & Whistle
The blog is just as wonderful...yep, it is.

Nicole's Classes

Well, my friends, it's been a long time since I've posted here. I've missed posting all the pretty blogs and websites I see. I'm back now, so there's no stopping me...haha!

This is one of my favorite sites ever! Not only is it pretty and easy to navigate, it's a wonderful place to learn photography, illustration and design. Check it out!

Pixels & Ice Cream

Pixels and Ice Cream

I love the creativity in this header.  Fun design!!

Annabelle's Creations

Annabelle's Creations

I'm loving this logo.  It's Lovely, Whimsy and Sensible.  What do you think?

Blisstopia Box

Blisstopia Box

You know how I love DOTS right??  Well, I do!  Not to mention this cute little fun!

Heather Bailey

Seriously, if I could live in this site, I would! It screams Spring and Happy days ahead. It's sooooo Pretty! 

There's more....a blog, it's pretty too: 

One Nutty Girl

Dough Nut

I love both of these sites, to cute!  You gotta see them for yourselves.  Did you know, I'm a chocolate girl?  Well, let's just say, it's a STAPLE in our house.

Simply Vintage Girl

{click image to visit}

Can you tell I'm on some kind of VINTAGE kick?  This design is so relaxing and simple.  I love the green accent (I'm on a green kick these days).  Anyway, this design is very well organized and worth a trip over. 

Also, Emily Rose (Simply Vintage Girl) and her sister, Breezy, designed 'Daughters of His Story' paper doll collection.  They are beautiful, you must go see them.  These two girls are so talented.  I'm thinking of buying myself a book or two or three.  I love paper dolls!

Designed by:  Simply Vintage Girl

Faded Plains

I'm in love with Vintage!!  I love this design for it's clean, crisp graphics and rustic old truck.   This design Rocks!

Designed by:  Boutique Mama

Hello, Lucky!

You must go see this in real life...Click on over there, to see it for yourself...It's very pretty!!